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About Digital Access Ohio

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Fast and reliable Internet is a necessity in the 21st century as more Ohioans are utilizing remote school, work, and healthcare services than ever before. However, many Ohioans in rural counties do not have access to broadband Internet, cutting them off from essential online services and opportunities.

Digital Access Ohio’s vision is to create a network and communications infrastructure that will help eliminate a significant portion of this digital divide in Ohio, helping get broadband Internet services to the underserved communities of Ohio’s rural counties.

We build the necessary infrastructure and partner with local Internet service providers to help get crucial services to homes and businesses.

Fixed wireless broadband

Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering an Internet connection. It uses a stationary access point to beam connectivity to households and businesses. This high-quality signal allows for higher bandwidth than other wireless technologies.

Digital Access Ohio partners with local-to-the-area Internet service providers (ISPs) to connect this service to Ohio’s rural counties and underserved communities. We facilitate the so-called middle mile, building the fiber-backed infrastructure, while ISPs connect fixed wireless services to homes and businesses.

ISPs who are interested in partnering with Digital Access Ohio can reach out using the form below.

How fixed wireless broadband technology works

Fixed wireless Internet relies on radio waves transmitted by a cell tower to deliver Internet signals. A small dish or antenna is placed on a home or business, which is used to receive these signals. The dish or antenna sends the signals to a modem in the home or business, and then to the router, which converts them to Wi-Fi.

This set-up allows for a faster build time for communities than traditional cable, fiber, or DSL networks, which often require extensive in-ground wiring. Fixed wireless is mostly able to offer speeds comparable to cable networks.

Benefits of fixed wireless broadband

Fixed wireless broadband brings reliable high-speed Internet to rural and other underserved areas. The connection—often provided by local Internet providers—is faster than dial-up or satellite services, and can be implemented without the usage of phone or cable lines.

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Leverages radio waves from cell towers instead of physical lines, which degrade over time.

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Fixed wireless providers are typically locally owned and operated.

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Faster network build time and speed to service than traditional networks.

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Expanded reach to regions with naturally occurring geographic challenges.

Digital equity

Students in rural area are less likely to have access to broadband graph

While the problem has been pervasive for much longer, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted Ohio’s digital divide. Access to remote learning, telehealth services, and other online services proved to be frustratingly inadequate for many underserved communities (ideastream public media).

75% of homes in Southeast Ohio lack access to high-speed (broadband) Internet.

Strong Nation

Fixed wireless Internet solutions will help facilitate access to high-speed Internet services in some of Ohio’s most rural areas where traditional networks are not feasible to build. This will help bridge the digital gap for many families and businesses. Reliable Internet access enables crucial economic development, education services, and business advancements.

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JobsOhio, Ohio’s private economic development corporation, aims to drive job creation and new capital investment in the state through business attraction, retention, and expansion.

As a part of these efforts, JobsOhio is partnering with Agile Networks and Digital Access Ohio to assist with addressing the gaps in high-speed broadband connectivity as a part of its inclusion strategy.

By strategically investing in the middle-mile infrastructure, this will enable connectivity and economic inclusion throughout the state.

Partner with us

If you are an Internet Service Provider wanting to learn more about our program or partner with us, or are a person interested in receiving services, please complete and submit the below form.